About Pronali 
Pronali ERP allows employees to focus on high level tasks, resulting in better planning, more strategic decision making and greater job with 100% customer satisfaction. Pronali ERP offers lots of modules and HR capabilities like human resource management  system, account and finance, task management and so on that are given below:

      Human Resource Management System 

This software is designed to automate human resource business process, transaction & compliance.

                     Account and Finance

Accounting software helps you to stay on the top of your business finance without any accounting knowledge.

                         Task Management

Here you can manage your employee task and can overview on it. This software makes task tracking easy.

         Resource & Develop

Here you can manage all your company resources & development part .

                       Market Analysis

This software helps you to grownup your company with the market demands.

              Promotions & Discount

In one software you can manage your company promotion and discount.


Procurement software is designed to automate a company purchase process.

          Production & Management

This production & Management software manage your production and track your company productivity.

               Inventory Management

One inventory Management software manage all your inventory  operations. Like manage orders, track inventory, stock and warehouse etc.

                 Sales & Marketing

One software that can manage your stock and sales efficiency, convert your expenses into profit.

                     Billing System

A Billing software to manage your entire business operations.

Customer Relationship Management

A software that allows business to manage relationship with customers and helping business to grow.

                 Service & Support

In this software you can manage your company service and support related information and can manage daily working and planning.

 Visitor Information Management                                                               System

Visitor management software manages and tracks visitor entering and leaving a office or a house.


Budgeting software help you to keep a record of your spending and saving to better manage your finance.